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NikeTown Santa Monica Place

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Think of this as the successor to NikeTown. And as with the direction trends in marketing has been going these days, it is more about building a relationship rather than simply selling. That's right, the new Niketown revamped in sunny SoCal's Santa Monica Place is about building relationships with the customer rather than existing as a space for merchandise display.

Aside from purveying a broad range of products catering to a variety of sports such as football, running, soccer, basketball and beyond, the store couples products with customization services and community activities. For instance, the efforts to connect on a deeper level with customers are quite apparent through the Nike + Running club which allows for customers and running enthusiasts to participate in organized runs, try on new shoes and more, and NIKEiD stations. Check out the new space in Santa Monica, and according to Nike, the sportswear giant's Las Vegas store will be up for revamp as well, and Nike fans can anticipate more stores to roll out this year. via: WWD