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Kensei Yabuno Slippers 2

It is interesting to see that FABRICK by MEDICOM TOY LIFE ENTERTAINMENT is the only brand to be selected to THE BLACK SENSE MARKET project which is not an apparel brand. However the concept of FABRICK is on par with the other brands who are involved and also these products would appeal to SENSE magazine readers and fans. This is another triple brand collaboration where world renowned artist/designer Kensei Yabuno took part in this project. Included in the collaboration is dolls, neck pillows, eye masks and slippers which will come in handy for traveling. All of these are only available through pre-orders on THE BLACK SENSE MARKET online store, which will end on September 10.

Kensei Yabuno Doll

Kensei Yabuno Doll 2

Kensei Yabuno Doll 3

Kensei Yabuno Doll 4

Kensei Yabuno Slippers

Kensei Yabuno Slippers 3

Kensei Yabuno Neck Pillow

Kensei Yabuno Neck Pillow 2

Kensei Yabuno Neck Pillow 3

Kensei Yabuno Eye Mask

Kensei Yabuno Eye Mask 2

Kensei Yabuno Eye Mask 3