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One of the most known luggage brands from Japan is the PORTER or Yoshida Kaban empire that have produced high quality products for many decades and one of its key designer, Katsuyuki Yoshida left the company to establish the Porter Classic company back in 2007. The newest brand to come out from Porter Classic is the KICHIZO brand that goes back to its roots as craftsman and to design and develop products with great attention to detail and style. Of course Japanese men’s fashion magazine SENSE is aware of the up and coming KICHIZO brand and they have invited them for THE BLACK SENSE MARKET collection. There are three elaborately crafted bags included in their collection, which are unique and unlike other bags they had produced in the past. Each of these items are ready for pre-order until the September 10 and will only be made to order, so be quick.

Tote Bag

Tote Bag 2

Tote Bag 3

Tote Bag 4

Shoulder Bag

Boston Bag

Boston Bag 2

Boston Bag 3

Boston Bag 4

Shoulder Bag 2

Shoulder Bag 3

Shoulder Bag 4