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THE BLACK SENSE MARKET – uniform experiment Collection | Preview

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uniform experiment

uniform experiment is also included into THE BLACK SENSE MARKET by Japanese men’s fashion magazine SENSE. All of the items are brand new item from the latest Fall/Winter 2010 collection and had been arranged in all black color schemes. These items are all available only on pre-order basis and once the order deadline is finished on September 10, there will be no more produced. Included in the collection are Military Cap, Deck Jacket, Military Shirt and Cargo Pants. Fans should definitely check these out on THE BLACK SENSE MARKET online store as it is not available anywhere else in the world.

Deck Jacket

Deck Jacket 2

Deck Jacket 3

Deck Jacket 4

Military Shirt

Military Shirt 2

Military Shirt 3

Military Shirt 4

Military Cap 4

Military Cap

Military Cap 2

Military Cap 3

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants 2

Cargo Pants 3

Cargo Pants 4