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Bianchi – 2011 Pista Fixed Gear Bicycles

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One of the most famous bicycle company is the Italian Bianchi, who have produced bikes for track to road and junior to MTB. It is also a popular brand amongst the fixed gear riders and the 2011 range will surely be well received by fans. Unlike the traditional track frame style, the new Pista Sei Giorni and Pista Dalmine is made out of aluminum rather than conventional steel. The light weight and aerodynamics is advantageous for riders and each is equipped with 48t chain ring and 16t cog on a flip flop hub for versatility. Pista Dalmine is white and aqua blue in color and features a flat bar while the Pista Sei Giorni is fitted with drop bar and sports white and red color scheme. Release details are still uncertain but keep your eyes open for more information to come.