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T-19 - Stonefish Orange Fixed Gear Bicycle

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T-19 - Stonefish Orange Fixed Gear Bicycle - 0

Japanese skateboard brand T-19 launched the Stonefish complete fixed gear bicycle a while back and as expected it had sold out since then. However a good news for those who have missed out during the original release, they will be selling off the demo complete bicycle at a discounted price of 75,000 yen. It is a size 50 frame and is a lugless frame that takes inspiration from track bicycles. The frame is constructed of 4130 chromoly and comes equipped with matching orange tyres, brake set up, flip flop hub with 17t cog and 47t chain ring. Only the orange version is for sale and this might just be the last time you see these for sale.

Stonefish Orange 2





Stonefish Orange 4

Stonefish Orange 3