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GQ x LeBron James - "LeBron James Can Take The Heat" | Microsite

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Love him or hate him for that one-hour special on ESPN when announcing his finalized decision to join the Miami Heat (perhaps you think that was an easy way Michael Jordan did); or, for his nickname, "King James"; or simply, for the fact that he isn't Kobe Bryant-- there is no denying that LeBron is the man of the moment and much buzzed about. Quoting the famed phrase, all press is good press, right? Well, in the case of GQ's journalistic ode to the King, there is only good press. In celebration of a summer of LeBron, GQ has created a special microsite, compiling everything from interview to feature, fashion picks and blog and forum about all things King James. The microsite, named "LeBron James Can Take The Heat", is perhaps as up close and personal as you can get to the King. Peruse if you love him, and peruse over and over if you are a radical in the game. Because, after all, you keep you friends close, and your enemies closer. images via: GQ