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Lexus x Tumi - Lexus LFA Luggage Collection

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Speed, power, and a magical, magnetic ability to impress, super cars are quite the coveted automobile for those exact reasons. Sure, things may seem perfect, but as any owner of a turbo-charged two-seater can tell you, traveling in it is a hassle with the barely-there trunk space that can't fit anything but a carton of eggs. Not to mention, most of the time, the trunk is shaped rather strangely so fitting a luggage in for a weekend get away is quite impossible-- hence many still resort to the trust-worthy but lackluster SUV for long haul journeys. To resolve the issue, Lexus has partnered up with luggage maker, Tumi, to create a special collection of luggage designed specifically to fit into the trunk of its latest super car, the Lexus LFA.

These suitcases are built to mimic the LFA, and as such, are crafted from a blend of aluminum and carbon fiber, and will be tagged with the same VIN number as the cars. The first delivery of the Lexus LFA are slated for January of 2011, and production is limited to about 500, with around 20 cars built each month.