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Casio EXLIM G x The North Face - "For The Explorers" | Microsite

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Shock resistant, water resistant, and can perhaps withstand any kind of torture not meant for delicate intricacies of cameras? Sounds like Casio G-Shock? It is meant to be that way, but we are indeed talking about cameras here. The Casio Exlim G is designed with the active (actually, let's make that extremely active) explorers in mind. As such, the collaboration between The North Face and Casio Exlim G couldn't have been more appropriate--it is like a like-minded marriage meant to last. As the two souls share the same wanderlust for the great outdoors, they have pooled together some resources and created a microsite, mini-documentary project called, "For The Explorers". The microsite features notable explorers such as Tomoki Takaku and Neil Hartmann on their adventures and documenting their journeys with the Casio Exlim G. The site not only features interviews, photography, tips, and carefully curated features, it is also has a list of activities for those who would like to "take it outside" as well. Enjoy!