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LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD x Dickies – Work Jacket and Pants

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Work Pants Black 7

It is not the first time LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD got together with Dickies, and this season, the duo is dropping several collaboration items again. This time around, they have produced the Work Jackets and Work Pants in the black and blue, which are the brand colors of LUKER BY NEIGHBORHOOD. Many Dickies fans would agree that the fabric used on their products are of heavy duty quality and gives it a rigid feel. Both of the items are not elaborately designed, but kept simple and wearable. White Luker logos are printed on key points of the jacket and pants. Only one Dickies logo is featured on each piece, and monotone logo prints are used on the inner lining of pockets.

Work Jacket Blue

Work Jacket Black

Work Jacket Black 2

Work Jacket Black 3

Work Jacket Black 4

Work Jacket Black 5

Work Jacket Black 6

Work Jacket Black 7

Work Jacket

Work Jacket 2

Work Pants Blue

Work Pants Black

Work Pants Black 2

Work Pants Black 3

Work Pants Black 4

Work Pants Black 5

Work Pants Black 6

Work Pants Black 8

Work Pants Black 9

Work Pants Black 10