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Fast Company - Nike's Mark Parker: The World's Most Creative CEO

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When we saw the latest issue of Fast Company magazine, hitting newsstands this week, first thought came across our minds were questions about its editors' state of minds. Have they gone to the preverbal deep end? Or drank a batch of Kool-Aid laced by the PR machinery? Many corporate executives have been bestowed with the honorary title "most innovative" before. But to named one "The World's Most Creative CEO" seemed like an infringement on journalistic integrity.

Upon reading the article, we have to admit we were wrong. The profile on Nike CEO Mark Parker is one of balanced journalistic approach, if not in-depth. While the Nike lifer shunned publicity and attention usually, Parker allowed writer Ellen McGirt a rare inside look of his world, from a simple "tinker" of his own running sneakers while as a star long distance runner before joining Nike, to a foremost footwear designer on the most remarkable creations: Air Pegasus, Trainer 1, and the Visible Air technology. Now as the head honcho of the world's largest athletic lifestyle company, with $19 billion in revenue for 2010, Parker is still very much of a tinker who's never far from his sketchbook and lives on the tenet first introduced by his grandmother "Be a sponge. Curiosity is life. Assumption is death. Look around." See how this humble designer became the cobbler to the Gods on the latest issue (September 2010) of Fast Company.