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Fresh Celeb: Nigel Sylvester - Nike Air Force 1 3M | DJ Clark Kent - Nike Dunk Air Force 1 Tiffany

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The premiere of Air Force 1: Anatomy Of An Urban Legend, the new tour de force by film maker Thibaut de Longeville about the legendary AF1 not only brought out sneakers aficionados and celebrities alike. The event, which took place last weekend at the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem, also saw some of the rarest and coolest "wearables" during World Basketabll Festival. This included Pro-BMX and Queens native, who fashioned a pair of Nike Air Force 1 - 3M Reflective, a quick strike release that was only available at a few retailers. But what really caught our eyes (and boggled our minds for a while) was the pair on DJ Clark Kent's feet - a mesh-up of Nike Dunk upper in Tiffany colorways and croc-skin pattern emboss with Air Force 1 sole. Not completely a fusion yet neither a stand-alone design, we just have to called it Nike Dunk Air Force 1 Tiffany.