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Lives of the Artists: Follow Me Down - UNKLE

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UNKLE is not only known for making envelope-pushing, contemplative music, but for visually arresting artistic collaborations as well. In anticipation of UNKLE's six-song EP called The Answer, and in collaboration with Relentless Energy, a new film that simultaneously follows UNKLE's James Lavelle on tour and snowboarders Jeremy Jones & Xavier de le Rue on their foray onto the treacherous terrains of Antarctica. Fusing both stories--that of Lavelle's artistic innovation and the beauty of athletic ingenuity--director Ross Cairns (who also directed a video for a single on the new UNKLE EP)  crafts a film that will stream for free on Relentless Energy's site beginning in September. The trailer for the film whets the appetite for what looks to be quite a multi-sensory experience. Check out the video after the jump.