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EK by New Era – Autumn/Winter 2010 Fedora Hats

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Regimental Band Fedora 3

EK by New Era has delivered high quality hats that possess classic designs since its launch and the Autumn/Winter 2010 hats won’t disappoint fans. The fedora hat range is back again this season and features subtle details that would be functional for the colder season. Wool felt material is used on the hat with different bands as accents. Three versions of bands are created from satin stripes, solid black satin and smooth leather changing the aesthetics of the hats. EK logo is prominently detailed on the inner lining and purple/gold label is stitched on the inner lining as well. via: ARKWAX

Regimental Band Fedora

Regimental Band Fedora 2

Regimental Band Fedora 4

Leather Band Fedora

Leather Band Fedora 2

Leather Band Fedora 3

Satin Band Fedora

Satin Band Fedora 2

Satin Band Fedora 3