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The New York Times Inside The Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory

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Andrew Bettles | The New York Times

They go by many names copied, pirated, duplicated, counterfeit, and etc... But no matter the name and the definitions one placed upon them, one thing is for certain, they're all fakes. Though the exact damages are unknown, since these are illegal ventures, a rough estimation place the cost to legit labels and intellectual rights owners at billions of dollars a year. Yet, unlike the war against illicit drugs or terrorism (and yes, it is a war), there are virtually no publicity or media coverage on this rampant scourge on the global economy, till now.

In what is the most profound look at the economy of fake goods, Nicholas Schmidle, a fellow at New America Foundation, with the help of New York Times Magazine, went on a fact-finding journey by utilized one of the most copied, knock-off, ripe-off goods a pair of Nike Tiempo. The resulting article is one of intrigue, filled of history, like the close relationship between the founding of United States and counterfeit painting of George Washington, to the wanton culture of counterfeiter and their protector, many of whom are high ranking Communist party officials, which whom the US State Department have let you think otherwise because the sensitive nature of this acute geo-political issue. Though no ideal solutions are in sight for the time being, Inside The Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory is a fascinating work of investigative journalism and a must read this weekend.


Andrew Bettles | The New York Times


Andrew Bettles | The New York Times