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Mercedes-Benz - 2012 CLS-Class | Video

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2012 CLS 13

There is no need to look into the crystal ball to see what the design will be like for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class because official release has been announced. The new CLS will be showing off more aggressive lines and the bulkier style is emphasized by pumped out guards, sharp lights and openings as well as sleek roof contour. Head lights on the CLS has been improved using 71 LED lights encompassing turn signals and low beam surrounding the standard head lights. Interior is also revised to give it a more ergonomic feel and each upholstery is crafted carefully from pre-shrunk leather so that it will not tighten up when heated. We would need to wait for the Paris motor show in October to find out what will be under the hood. via: WCF

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