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Nike – NSW and ACG Backpacks

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The newest range of backpacks from Nike definitely has a military edge that would appeal to men and those who partake in outdoor activities. Nike Sportswear brings out an all black stealth version of the Cheyenne 2000 backpack that looks rugged and tough. Water resistant zippers and sealed seams will keep this backpack functional for the wet weather ahead. On the other hand the ACG backpacks are less hi tech with Steel City II and Karst Classic 2 models sporting official US military Lowland “Erol” Woodland camouflage pattern. Also there is the Karst Classic model that is using Pendelton material as well in all black color scheme. All of these items are currently available at 21 Mercer store.

NSW Cheyenne 2000

NSW Cheyenne 2000 2

ACG Karst Classic 2

ACG Steel City II

ACG Steel City II 2

ACG Karst Classic x Pendelton

ACG Karst Classic x Pendelton 2