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Fresh Celeb: Bun B. - New Spokesperson For Cadillac Sneakers

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During our stint at Magic S.L.A.T.E. trade show last week in Las Vegas, several celebrities and friends stopped by the Complex Media Network booth to reveal new projects they are currently toiled over. This included hip-hop star Bun B. and his new (and unlikely) partnership with Cadillac Sneakers.

Yes, you read it correctly, Cadillac as in the luxury car company. A bit odd, that is till you see the market. Though it lost out long ago to the throng of competitors from Europe and Japan, Cadillac is still revered in most major markets in America. Having a footwear label seemed like a natural progression.  Like for more new designs from Cadillac Sneakers as Bun B. begin making special appearances across the US for his new Trill OG album.