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Ken Block x The Cool Kids - DC Launches Gymkhana THREE Project | Music Video

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The following music video is actually an advertisement.
It contains awesome vehicular hoonage, a fresh beat, dope lyrics, and the excessive use of both fluorescent bulbs and baby-oil-lathered ladies all in a blatant but cleverly crafted marketing scheme to see products.

With such a disclaimer to start with, who wouldn't want to see the latest Gymkhana Project from athletic lifestyle brand DC and its Co-Founder Ken Block? Introducing The Gymkhana THREE Project, a continuation to the bewilderingly successful Gymkhana franchise conceptualized by Ken Block. While the first video was somewhat of an accidental success and become the one of the most viewed video on web to date, Block and DC orchestrated a pack-ful video, just shy of 4-minute, filled with visual cues any adrenaline junkie would appreciate. Formulated as an in-between music video and infomercial featuring The Cool Kids and director Bryan Barber, the clip was done during a 48-hour session with Mikey Rock and Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids performing original track, "Clicking (Gymkhana THREE)". A brief glimpse of the new DC x KB Collection dotted throughout the clip, which include Block Spartan Hi WC, Block Pure, Pro Spec 2.0 Mid, along with windbreaker, zip-up sweatshirt, and the staple graphic t-shirt. All adorn with the familiar colors of Block's Gymkhana THREE 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Part 1 of 2 videos, look for the Part 2 of The Gymkhana THREE Project video to come this Fall. For DC x Ken Block Limited Collection, log onto to for all the latest goods.