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New Balance - M576 Fuujin II | Detailed Look

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m576 Fuujin II 4

The New Balance M576 Fuujin model first debuted in 2008 from atmos and was an instant hit when launched. Couple of years later the Fuujin II is back with new improvements that still plays on the same theme of Wind God. This time the sneaker has been made using the blue, black and gray color scheme that is a reflection of storms or tornadoes, which is said to be caused by the Wind God. On the toe and side panels a reflective material has been chosen with honey comb pattern integrated on it. Toe box and ankle support is made up of metal mesh material which reflects light in rainbow colors. Custom tongue and inner sole graphic finishes off the pair and these will be available for pre-order starting September 1st from atmos with launch scheduled for mid September.

m576 Fuujin II

m576 Fuujin II 2

m576 Fuujin II 3