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Lady Gaga x Vogue Hommes Japan - Monsieur Gaga?

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Lady Gaga? Monsieur Gaga? Boy? Girl? Woman? Man? Considering Lady Gaga once proclaimed that she was born with both kinds of genitals, the gorgeous (not to mention convincing) cover shoot shouldn't come as a surprise. Or rather, with photographer Nick Knight's lens manipulation mastery and ambient lighting, is there any wonder we can't make Lady Gaga look right at home in some pants? Photographer Nick Knight and stylist Nicola Formichetti worked with Lady Gaga for the cover shoot of Vogue Hommes Japan Volume 5, set to hit newsstands on September 10. Her Grecian nose and angular features hit the lights in just the right way, and she is instantly transformed into a boy with a more delicate form of James Dean cool. A little tortured looking perhaps, but nonetheless, we are floored by Lady Gaga's versatility. If there is anyone to pull off anything, it would be her. via: Nicola Formichetti