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Nike Files Patent for Auto-Lacing System Possible Nike Air Mag Release

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This would do Doc Brown proud. Accordingly to World Intellectual Property Organization, a patent filed last May by Tinker Hatfield and the specialists at Nike Innovation Kitchen filed for a patent that was oddly similar to Marty McFly's favorite kicks in Back to the Future II an automatic lacing system that would loosen or tighten the sneaker's upper accordingly. In all, the lacing system runs through several section of the shoe. With a touch of a button, a mini-motor embedded within the outsole starts to rotate the spool, also within a special compartment on the shoe. The result, a myriad of adjustments, comfort level, and performance simply at the touch of a button Already, sneaker aficionados are speculating the potential silhouette to be the ideal platform. Many have stated the Nike Hyperdunk as the obvious choice or its follow-up. Not only was there already a derivative of the iconic yet fictional Nike Air Mag in the 2008 Nike Hyperdunk Marty McFly Edition. The development cues for the Hyperdunk were closely related to its silver screen cousin as well. No details were released except the renderings for the patent, but as Dime pointed out, the year 2015 is just around the corner... via: Dime