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Stussy – Spiral Fedora

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Spiral Fedora Black 5

Hats have gained much popularity over the last few years with many brands including them along side the staple baseball caps and army caps. It is perhaps its mature nature and classic silhouette that appeals to wide range of audience. Stussy is one of the oldest street wear brands and it has created the Spiral Fedora hats to cater for the people who want to wear something different on their heads. The contrasting colors on offer provides interesting choice with one being black/red color scheme while the other is tan/light blue combination. Metal Stussy badge on the side of the ribbon sets the tone of the head wear and these would go perfectly with shorts and shirts.

Spiral Fedora Tan

Spiral Fedora Black

Spiral Fedora Black 2

Spiral Fedora Black 3

Spiral Fedora Black 7

Spiral Fedora Black 4

Spiral Fedora Black 6