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VANS Vault Spectator LX | Available Now

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When CONVERSE's Japanese subsidiary announced its 1/2 Dress Code Collection, a new interpretation of classic footwear with contemporary sneaker construction, our message board lit up with requests, or more accurately, demands (on the side note, we don't sell sneakers...ever). People were sorely disappointed when CONVERSE Japan mentioned it made no plans to export the collection outside of Japan. Now, we think we might have the next best thing. In fact, it is the best thing, period. Introducing the new Spectator LX from VANS Vault for Fall/Winter 2010. Similar to the already mentioned Chukka Buckleback LX, the Spectator LX is a lookback at the classic wear from the last century, in this case the brogue details found on wingtip shoes. Fashioned on a mid section overlay either in leather or suede, the Spectator LX carried a sense of sophistication, without the blusters and pain. Available in Black/White or just Black, on sale now at NYC's DQM.

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