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Nissan 2012 GT-R – Leaked Photos

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2012 GT-R

The year 2012 is just around the corner,  and just as some would expect the world to end, others will keep going as if nothing is going to happen. Nissan GT-R aka Godzilla will be back for 2012 and the new vehicle has been finally revealed thanks to some spy photography. At this point details are not released yet and we have to go with what we can see in the photos. Cosmetic improvements are evident in the front grill, LED day lights and rear diffuser. There will also be two new colors coming out– the Aurora Flare Blue Pearl and Nebula Opal Black. Twin Turbo 3.8 liter V6 engine should pump out more than 485 horses at 434 lb-ft of torque. via: WCF

2012 GT-R 2

2012 GT-R 3

2012 GT-R 4

2012 GT-R 5

2012 GT-R 6

2012 GT-R 7

2012 GT-R 8