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Star Wars - Vader Yourself | iPhone Application

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Picture this: you are in a crowded meeting. Everyone is chattering away and for some reason, perhaps because it's ten minutes away from lunch time, perhaps it's the plane flying past the window, or Godzilla, you just can't get people's attention. Now, imagine if you had a voice which commands attention and instills fear, wouldn't the situation resolve itself pretty easily? And won't it be nice to have every person in the room hang on to your words like they are elixirs of life? In comes an iPhone application to save the day. Gaming company THQ had released the Star Wars Vader Yourself iPhone application. Simply put, it is an auto tune program which allows you to transform your voice into that of the dark lord's. The application is now available for download on iTunes, but take our advice on using it in meetings at your own risk. We won't really suggest using this beyond pure entertainment value.