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MGMT - "Congratulations" | Official Video

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Consider the Brooklyn electronic duo, MGMT, as a group with a penchant for irreverence and a disdain for the norm. First they dissed the rock star lifestyle by masking their sneers behind an acid happy tune and mocking lyrics, then, for their latest album, "Congratulations", the duo brings out something really odd for the official video of the eponymous track, "Congratulations". In the video, MGMT treks across the desert with what looks like a bald baby ostrich-- if the baby Ostrich was in George Lucas' mind and later deemed as a Star Wards discard. Either way, an enjoyable track with a tinge of melancholy laced with a perplexing video is better than the mindless rumble of lights in ye old run of the mill hip-hop videos these days, right?