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New York Times Magazine – Women Who Hit Very Hard

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A while back, a statement such as “Women are physically inferior to men” would have been irrefutable. However, in recent years, women have not only proven to be just as intellectually as capable, if not more as we have a growing number of female CEOs running the world at the moment, especially in Hollywood, but they have also started to par with men in terms of physical prowess. As a prelude for the upcoming US Open, New York Times Magazine has created a spread paying tribute to the tennis ladies who are just as muscle bound and formidable, able to send a ball racketing across the court with as much force as men. In this spread, “Women Who Hit Very Hard”, ladies who can hold their own on court such as the US favorites, the Williams, Russia’s Zvonareva, Serbia’s Jankovic and Belgium’s Clijsters have been shot in their display of strength and tenacity on court. Check out the photo spread as well as the videos! via: NYTimes