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SAGLIFE x Dickies - Cell Phone Pants

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Cell Phone Pants Khaki 5

Japanese extreme sports bag brand SAGLIFE is known for its high quality and functional bags and accessories. But, the label does produce limited number of apparel that are manufactured with the same demand for quality in mind. Such case is this Cell Phone Pants made in conjunction with workwear heavyweight Dickies. The ordinary chino pants have been given the SAGLIFE touch with extra pin stripe on the sides, and multi-purpose pocket on the side of the right leg near the knee. This pocket can hold cell phones, MP3 players and small gadgets which will be handy for active individuals. There are classic khaki color and black available with white stripe as accents. via: STLESS

Cell Phone Pants Black

Cell Phone Pants Khaki

Cell Phone Pants Khaki 2

Cell Phone Pants Khaki 3

Cell Phone Pants Khaki 4

Cell Phone Pants Khaki 6