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Star Wars Crawl Creator + adidas Originals Special Message

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And we thought auto-tuning our voices to sound like Lord Vader's is probably the last customization thing we can do, but we thought wrong, as Star Wars had just launched its official Star Wars Crawl Creator on its official website. Now, you can deliver your messages with the same stately, galactic fashion as George Lucas had when opening the Star Wars films. There is nothing like the starry galaxy and yellow bold letters scrolling their way into the depths of the universe to put that oomph into the message, which can be shared via various social networking sites such as Facebook and tumblr. As a part of Star Wars and adidas Originals' continued collaboration into a second season, adidas Originals had left its message on Star Wars Crawl. Check out the new application and also read the Trefoil message online now at Star Wars Crawl Creator.