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8 by Terrem – TL-1

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Japanese footwear brand Terrem is an indie brand that experiments with their designs and each footwear to come out from this brand is individual and unique. Their base design however takes inspiration from classic footwear silhouettes. The TL-1 models are categorized into a capsule collection titled 8 by Terrem and is an updated version of the moccasin style shoes. Upper design of these shoes are taken from Compass model from Terrem and it is matched with custom made midsoles and outsoles. There is a heel stabilizer integrated for comfort and stability while on the inside the inner soles are cup insoles that also provides cushioning. Three colorways are available in red, brown and khaki suede and nylon uppers. via: DEDUE

TL-1 Red

TL-1 Brown

TL-1 Khaki

TL-1 Khaki 2

TL-1 Khaki 3

TL-1 Khaki 4

TL-1 Khaki 5

TL-1 Khaki 6

TL-1 Khaki 7

TL-1 Khaki 8

TL-1 Khaki 9