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adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) – Fall/Winter 2010 Apparel | Delivery 2

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Good design lies in the details. For Kazuki Kuraishi and his fellow Japanese friends from WHIZ and LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD, the Japanese sensibility of care and thought works dictates their winning designs and it comes through in the material used, that extra trompe l’oeil touch in the plaid shirt, and subtle play on the three-stripes. In the second delivery of apparel for adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk), LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD scores the winning luxury touch by adopting the classic Harris Tweed wool for its biker jacket with a bite (double strapped buckles are better than one); and WHIZ Limited reworked the iconic varsity jacket with fun pocket details (larger in the front, a tiny one in the back) and sporty stripes; then, Kuraishi tackles the iconic fashion don’t, the velor jacket once popularized by Juicy Couture, and makes it a do in rich jewel purple and black with a mixture of material and paneling. Last but not least, the plaid shirt is not ye old regular plaid shirt when there is an added trompe l’oeil suspender detail, zipped side pockets and additional hardware. These are set to drop on October 10 alongside the sneakers, so keep an eye out at respective retailers, especially for the biker jacket which we anticipate will be flying off shelves for its functionality and studied rebellious style.