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KAWS - Passing Through Exhibition Hong Kong | Detailed Preview

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KAWS Companion Sculpture 2

Internet is a wonderful place where piece of information on a single blog can circulate the world in a matter of minutes. That was exactly what happened when KAWS posted up a sneak preview of what he has been working on for an upcoming Passing Through exhibition that will take place in Harbour City in Hong Kong. More details have emerged and now there are more concrete information of the exhibition that will take place in early October.

The 5 meter tall huge Companion sculpture will be displayed on the forecourt of Ocean Terminal in Harbour City, spot lighted by four grand billboards for all the public to see during the exhibition period. Inside on the Gallery by the Harbour space, an exhibition will be held showcasing original paintings and drawings as well as display of the sculptures that were made previously.

Fans will be happy to hear that a specially designed pouch will be on sale in limited quantities as well. It features an original cloud graphic in the signature colorful and playful style that has become his trademark. Stay tuned for more details on these pouches.

Harbour City
3 - 27 Canton Road | Map
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Event Date: October 4th - 24th | 11am - 9pm



KAWS Companion Sculpture