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Fatima Mid

Fatima is the best selling model from UBIQ and it is the basis of the collaboration model with streetwear brand MACKDADDY. Those who know the MACKDADDY brand will know that it is a very colorful and playful. These Fatima Mid sneakers convey the personality of MACKDADDY well in blue, black and red versions. Each sneaker is broken up into three color panels on the uppers which are made with corduroy materials. Basic white midsole brightens up the shoes and it is paired up with white shoe laces as well. UBIQ logo is situated on the tongue while the rear view is tightened up by MDY logo on the patch. These models will be available around early to mid September and Chapter in Tokyo are currently taking pre-orders.

Fatima Mid Blue

Fatima Mid Blue 2

Fatima Mid Blue 3

Fatima Mid Black

Fatima Mid Black 2

Fatima Mid Black 3

Fatima Mid Red

Fatima Mid Red 2

Fatima Mid Red 3