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Pharrell Williams x Yi Zhou - "The Greatness" Preview

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Continuing his venture in the avant garde, Pharrell Williams returns again with artist Yi Zhou after starring in the surreal short film, "The Ear". This time around, Pharrell doesn't chop up vegetables and his own ear, but is instead, rendered into a clay vase. This project, "The Greatness", is a 3D sequel to "The Ear", and will debut at 20 Hoxton Square Projects in collaboration with Testori UK, as a part of Yi Zhou's first solo show in London. The solo show, "I Am Your Simulacrum", is curated by Rachael Barrat and Adam Waymouth, and will feature Yi Zhou's work from 2006 to the present.

In "The Greatness", the concept of disintegration arises again, as Pharrell's face on vase slowly breaks into a cubic composition and disappears into a journey through a nightmarish fantasy world. via: Mandi