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STPL x Oakley History of Oakley by Staple Design | Holbrook + Frogskin Sunglasses

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Something new and something old, the 3rd installment from The History of Oakley, a collaborative initiative by Oakley and Staple Design, highlights the past and present of the performance optic label with 2 additions - Holbrook and Frogskin.

First up, the Oakley Holbrook. Though the silhouette maybe that of an updated Frogskin, the design premise is anything but. Taken its name from a small town along Route 66, the typical viaduct for a true American advanture, the eyewear was designed by Jesses White, older brother to skater/snowboarder Shaun White. As signature eyewear for Shaun, the Holbrook is ideal in all environments, much like the Shaun's skill sets.







Next would be the icon from 2 decades ago, the Oakley Frogskin. Unlike other eyewear by Oakley before or after it, the Frogskin was designed specifically as a lifestyle-oriented product. To be inline with its original intent, Jeff Staple and the folks at Staple Design made their version reflected their lifestyle, instead of a specific sport, with their mascot The Pigeon. Because the need to dust-off the original production equipments from the 80s, the STPL x Oakley Frogskin will be available in very limited numbers. Both are available starting today at Reed Space while its online store will only have the Holbrook available.

Reed Space
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New York, NY 10002





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