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Banksy - "Exit Through The Gift Shop" DVD/Blu-Ray

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Described as the world's first Street Art disaster movie, Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is about a failed relationship between Banksy and Thierry Guetta. The movie, which debuted in the US a few months ago, kicked off with Guetta first befriending and approaching Banksy in hope of capturing the artist on film, but as time went on, Banksy realized that Guetta isn't really a filmmaker and Guetta had turned his back on Banksy. Banksy then turned the cameras back on its owner and told the story about how the greatest street art film was never made. Aside from appearances by Banksy, which the artist had commented will be the most the public will ever see of him, Shepard Fairey and Space Invader also appear in the film. The film is now on DVD and is available for pre-order. It will be released on September 6.

exit through the gift shop