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Heineken Black Light STR Bottle

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While expression of art on everyday consumables is nothing new, there is a new directive more recently with a focus on beer bottles. Aside from the recently unveiled collaborative project between KAWS and Dos Equis, Heineken International (coincidentally the parent company of Dos Equis) debuted the Black Light STR Bottle today. Inspired by the dimly lighted night club atmosphere, the Black Light STR Bottle illuminate on cue under a blacklight to reveal a hidden graphic of stars and streaks. Made of aluminum, the bottle still retains beer under the optimal temperature without flaw.

The Heineken Black Light STR Bottle just launch bi-coastally at the "Heineken Inspire" event in Los Angeles and the "US Open Player Party" in New York City. The bottle will also be available at select entertainment establishments nationwide in the coming weeks.