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James Jarvis x Russell Waterman x Amos - The Wisdom of Caleb | Site

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English artist, James Jarvis, has partnered up with artist, Russell Waterman (one half of the brains behind Wonder Women of America published in 2008) to create an interesting online comic blog, The Wisdom of Caleb, for toy store, Amos. James Jarvis had just been enlisted by Nike not too long ago as a part of its Six Collaborations project. Like many other comic strips, The Wisdom of Caleb attempts to philosophize life through the lens of an innocent heart, in this case, protagonist Caleb. The intriguing thing however, is that The Wisdom of Caleb is very mediocre, and quite unapologetically so, perhaps conveying a point. It is not particularly funny, and sometimes, it is not particularly smart. It is like a collection of observation vignettes that just has the reader beckoning for more. Check it out!