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The Copenhagen Wheel - Hybrid Electric Wheel for Bikes

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Think of it as your friend, but in the form of a wheel. The Copenhagen Wheel is a project developed and designed by students from MIT. This is a hybrid electric wheel which can fit on any bike, and has replaceable parts. It is able to convert kinetic energy from going downhill or paddling into electric energy. So these energy are then stored, and you can use it to boost your rides when you need it by anywhere from 100% to 300%, which will come in extremely handy when you are riding uphill. One of the other great things about The Copenhagen Wheel is that it is retrofittable, and depending on where you live (if it is hilly or not), you can switch out parts in the wheel to further boost your ride. It will be like having a friend push your bike, or helping you paddle. The wheel's functions can be controlled via the iPhone, and you can choose the boost you need or access your paddling performance. This project is now funded by the Italian ministry of environment, and it will be going into production and going commercial in the next year.via: fastcodesign