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In scientific terms, the definition of what a dream is is simply a neurological response, though not fully understood.  However, in a real world context, a dream isn't merely neurons firing off, a dream is the cause for betterment, a symbolism of hope, and a source of inspiration, elements you find in the Dream, a special collaborative edition from online sneaker forum and iconic footwear label PONY.  Measured not in its size or colorways, the Dream is an ode to the exploits of Spud Webb, the PONY sponsored NBA pro who at 5-foot-7 became the shortest player to won the Slam Dunk contest. Like Webb, PONY and KENLU want dispel all popular misconceptions and prejudice. Instead, the collaborative sneaker is a emblem of possibilities, with 2 reminders etched on - "Not By Size" on the right variant, "Not By Color" on the left variant.  Set to release in limited quantity this coming December with more information to come on a later date.

Release Date: December 2010