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uniform experiment - September 2010 | New Releases

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This month's release from uniform experiment is all about the details a modern man might have forgotten, like the pocket square or the bow-tie. Sure, bow-ties have made a good come back into the contemporary men's wardrobe and also out of the restricting realms of black-tie functions with the help of quirky dressers like Andre3000 from the OutKast. Also, Alexander Olch has helped bring a sense of creative pizazz into the little neck adornment as well. This season, uniform experiment puts a youthful touch on the formal accessory, and makes it well, formal with a rebellious edge, or street relevant, depending on how you look at it. Some are kept simpler with just an update in contrast trimming, others have spotted studs, and lightning bolts.

Aside from the bow-ties, the release also includes two cable-knit sweaters, one zipped with a hood, and the other collared, with buttons.