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Eminem + Nicki Minaj - 2010 VMA - Extended Promo Clips | Video

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This week is one of a gracious load of fanfare in the city. First, there is the New York Fashion Week, then, there is the MTV 2010 VMA Awards. The latter will be an interesting one to watch, considering last year's VMA provided all with a debauchery which Yeez-ily lasted for an entire year through dinner conversations, drinks and brunch. In prepping for this year's VMA, MTV has enlisted the help of Eminem and the baddest girl on the rap block of the moment, Nicki Minaj, for the show's promotional clips. Check out Eminem's clip shot in the aesthetics of Schindler's List to the track of Not Afraid, and Nicki Minaj's detailing her road to the MTV VMA. These clips are the extended versions, so they should double your entertainment and joy. Enjoy!