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Nike x UNDERCOVER - Gyakusou International Running Association Collection

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Spiritually, at its purest, the athletic form of running is a purge of the daily grind, of angsts built up over time, of obstacles once deemed unconquerable. It is a solitary state of mind, where pounding the pavement translates to the release of frustration and with each step leads closer to sanity. No wonder many have equate it to mediation in motion.

On those premises, Nike along with Japanese designer Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER, formulated Gyakusou International Running Association, conceptual collection based solely on the needs contemporary runners. Whether they are casual weekenders or amateur competitors, the designs of Gyakusou International Running Association focus on the fundamental needs that many other running apparel and footwear have missed. One is the complete articulation of key points on each apparel from the collection. Another is the storage solution, where a runner can prep for a run whenever they deem the condition is ideal. Highlight running as a meditate state, Takahashi specifically added fabrics which dampen sound and pocket concealments that minimize contacts between stored items.

Named after a common practice of running in opposite direction by Jun Takahashi and fellow runners of Tokyo, the debut collection of Gyakusou International Running Association for Fall and Holiday 2010 incorporated Takahashi's harmonious take with nature with incorporation of reflective elements for safety. Another common theme found on the design is a red trim, a reference to the human artery. The Nike x UNDERCOVER Gyakusou International Running Association Collection by Jun Takahashi will be available starting in October at Nike retail location worldwide.