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Gucci x Riva - Aquariva Gucci Speedboat

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As fate would have it, Italian shipbuilder Riva, who we previously mentioned as the inspiration behind designer Marc Newson's new exhibition, announced a special edition Aquariva, its classically built luxury speedboat, with fashion house Gucci. Sharing an identical tenet in the concept of La Dolce Vita, Patrizio di Marco, the CEO of Riva, emphasized the similar pride in Italian craftsmanship of both Gucci and Riva. Those pride resonated themselves in the form of a 2-speed, 380-horsepower speedboat with fiberglass hull and a 20-coat glossy customizable paint. The bespoke Aquariva Gucci Speedboat also included a mahogany wooden interior, Guccissima pattern for seats and sundeck, and the familiar Gucci green-red-green adornment. To provide a hint of exclusivity, Gucci creative director Frida Giannini designed the Riva by Gucci Collection, a line of nautical theme goods comprised of duffel bags, flip-flops, and more, in white leather with green-red-green appliqué, identical to the boat. Each made to order at the price range of $380,000, the Riva Aquariva Speedboat by Gucci will make its public appearance on September 22nd during the Milan Fashion Week while the Riva by Gucci Collection will be available at select Gucci retail locations early next year.