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Mark Grieve x Ilana Spector - Cyclisk - Bicycle Obelisk Sculpture

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What can you do with 340 bicycles and one tricycle? Ride them till the end of time? Or in Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector's artistic fashion, build a giant obelisk sculpture, named it the "Cyclisk", and plop it right next to car dealerships. Despite what the strategic positioning may seem, according to Grieve, this is not a reminder about how riding bicycles is more environmentally friendly than driving. However, this project did receive a hefty funding of $37,000 from Nissan, who is building a $3.7 million car dealership in Santa Rosa, California. And according to Santa Rosa's "1% for art" law, 1% of any major construction projects will have to be donated towards public art, hence, the Cyclisk. via: Wired Gadget Lab