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Muro - 45RPM Cover Museum by Muro Book

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Known around the world as King of Diggin', Muro is the Tokyo hip hop legend who is a rapper, DJ and a producer. Muro is known to collect rare vinyls as you would expect and his collection is so diverse that a book is curated showcasing the cover art of the 45's. The 45RPM Cover Museum by Muro is a peak into the endless archives of Muro and he hand picked 220 covers for your viewing pleasure. It can be used as a reference to vintage sounds or cover art archive and it has been divided into eight chapters, Movie Theaters, Policeman/Cops, Showa Memorial Museum, Beat Museum, The Men, Sensuous Museum, Unharmonized and Highlights. This is definitely a must have book for any vinyl junkie or die hard hip hop heads. via: Rittor Music