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Nike Sportswear x Koi Fusion - "Sneak + Destroy" - Destroyer Burrito | Video

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This is a burrito that is four times the size of your regular Chipotle burrito. But when Nike Sportswear tells you to head down to the Koi Fusion taco truck for a "Destroyer Burrito", it seems like a mammoth edible burrito complete with jalepenos and salsa is quite fitting for the name "Destroyer", so it has to be a burrito, right? Wrong. For those who had been keeping up with Nike Sportswear on Facebook and Twitter, and actually headed down to Koi Fusion taco truck and said the password, "Destroyer Burrito", they have been surprise gifted with a Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket, wrapped in aluminum foil, masquerading around as a Tex-Mex delight. The Koi Fusion collaboration was a hit in Portland, and this successfully gears up the city for the upcoming Musicfest NW Festival. Check out the video, and maybe it's time for us to all make some noise to bring some fusion taco trucks to our cities (with Nike Sportswear and some free Destroyer Jackets on board, of course!).