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Takashi Murakami Exhibition At Versailles | Event Recap

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Showing at the Versailles was a controversial move, but when it comes to Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami, it seems like everything he does will invoke one kind of bashing or another. This quarter, Takashi Murakami had brought his “Otaku” sensibility and Superflat style to the majestic French palace, the Versailles, and some royalists bent on keeping the Versailles clear of contemporary influences have expressed displeasure at this. Regardless, the bold move does offer the art world an interesting juxtaposing of 17th century monarchy against modern hyper-modern Japan. The exhibition, set to run from September 14 till the end of the year was open for a preview. Sadly, the exhibition, while it does offer a great curation of Murakami’s sculptures and paintings, were lacking key pieces such as the Lonesome Cowboy. Nevertheless, we do get to witness some flower power and animated smiles at the exhibition. Check out a event recap of the exhibition, and if you happen to be in Paris, do take some time to travel out to the Versailles to check out Murakami’s work. This exhibition, perhaps, does make a point that the location and means of exhibition itself is quite as important as the work. via: Ganymede