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CHANEL SoHo – 90-Foot Long LED Canopy

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Imagine that you’re the event planner for a special evening with some of the best-dressed people on the planet. Then, imagine the dilemma for that evening the event space is too small to shelter these VIPs from the elements and shield them from the prying eyes of paparazzo. The logical answer is to construct a temporary structure, a tent perhaps. But if your employer was the fashion house CHANEL and the VIPs were friends of designer Karl Lagerfeld, a mere tent would not be sufficed. Instead, you need to have something sturdy and opulent, something like a canopy adorned with LED lights, an exact prescription for last evening’s pre-opening party for CHANEL SoHo flagship in New York City.

A sprawling built-out that extended outward to the sidewalk and Cobblestone Street, the temporary canopy housed Lagerfeld and company as invited guests caught the first glimpse of the newly renovated flagship by architect Peter Marino. Approximately 90-foot in length and wrapped around the corner storefront in a L-shape configuration, the structure’s exterior walls were studded with thousands of LED’s lights. All sequenced, in slow motion, a giant photo slide show of SoHo By Karl,  New York’s scenery took by Lagerfeld himself. The store itself will be open to the general public today as part of its Fashion’s Night Out festivities.


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